Wealth Maximizer is best suited for:

Smart and mature investors looking for sustainable long term returns in good stocks.
Long term holding of at least 1 year time frame that can digest the market volatility.

Our flagship – Wealth Maximiser will provide you with a highly potential long term investment stock every month with the best-in-class research report.

Our intention is to help you discover the Hidden-Gems in the market which have the potential to generate multi-fold returns in the future without taking extra risks.
Research Report would be sent on all the stock Recommendation.
Monthly Updates of any changes in the stock (Company Recommendation).
Allocation percentage of diversification.
Portfolio diversification.
  • Minimum Capital  : 2 lakhs and above
  • No of Calls : 2 per month
  • Holding Period : 15 days to one year
  • Risk  : Very Low
Our key objective is to pick stocks which can Compound Sustainability at a healthy rate for the next 2-5 years and create enormous wealth.
We select companies with strong Competitive Advantages and are quoting at a discount to their intrinsic value.

Annual Plan