Premia League is best suited for:

Investors who are looking to park their funds for a short period reaping high returns.
Investors who look forward to make a Medium Term Investment keeping a time horizon of 3-6 Months.
Investors and Traders who want play safe in the market by diversifying their portfolio based on research reports.

Premia League offers:

Strategic positioning, the entry and the exist levels are to be clearly defined in the equity market. Investors must have an idea on the different sectors and stocks that we going to outperform in the near future. Therefore, Active investments involve analysing the market trend and make the best of the opportunities in the market.
The Sectors which are expected outperform based on Fundamental & Technical Analysis.
Impact of the important events and triggers on the stock.
Selection of Stocks based on Micro & Macro factors.
Percentage allocation is clearly defined.
  • Capital Invested :  Minimum 5 Lakhs
  • No of calls : 2 per month
  • Holding period : 15 days to one year
  • 24/7 Service + Tech Support
  • Personal Manager + Regular Reviews
  • Suitable for HNI/NRI

Annual Payment


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